Post a Job or Internship

Thank you for your interest in recruiting Gonzaga students and alumni! If you would like to post the opportunity yourself, you can do so on Handshake at By creating a company profile you will be able to post all of your full time employment and internship positions directly with us, where they will be promoted to and accessed by Gonzaga students and alumni. Students and alumni will apply for the position directly through Handshake. Additionally Handshake, grants you the opportunity to review upcoming career events, including career fairs and Treks.

If you would like assistance setting up a company profile and positing opportunities, we are here to make the process as friendly as possible. We are also happy to discuss your unique needs and additional was to become an engaged with our students and alumni as an employer. 


Vicki Hucke
Manager, Employer Engagement
Gonzaga University
phone: (509) 313-4021 


Erin Shields
Associate Director, Alumni and Employer Engagement 
Gonzaga University
phone: (509) 313-4048
mobile: (509) 994-8857