Faith Formation

Erik photoYour journey of faith didn’t end when you graduated college.  In a lot of ways, it may have just begun.   Gonzaga University is committed to continue its mission of walking alongside of you on that journey.  Whether you graduated last year or sometime last century, Gonzaga has resources and events available to help in your ongoing growth in God’s love.

Erik Mertens is the Alumni Faith Formation Coordinator at Gonzaga.  He works with Fr. Frank Case, SJ, Vice President for Mission, and alongside the Alumni Relations team.  He also serves as the Young Adult Minister at St. Al’s Church.  His passion is to help others better understand just how much they are loved by God, a passion that grew out of his time as an undergraduate at GU.  Whether or not you were active with retreats or student masses during your college years, Erik wants to help make available ways for you to get involved now.

Below, please find links to online resources that encourage us to participate in God’s work in our lives and in others’.  Click the links and explore what is available.  Also, check out the schedule of ongoing Alumni Faith Formation Events below.  There are monthly gatherings in Spokane for Young Alumni and various events for all ages with Gonzaga Chapters across the nation.

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with Erik, e-mail him at

God bless.

The online prayer community allows you to submit prayer requests to the community, which includes Zags online and on campus. You may also join the prayer community to receive weekly prayer request updates through email.

Fr. Frank Case, S.J. and the Office of Mission deliver short, relevant messages on a wide range of topics related to Gonzaga's mission and finding God in all things.

Throughout October & November we'll invite you to participate in the church’s tradition of November Remembrance by signing Gonzaga’s "Online Remembrance Book” and praying for your departed loved ones.

University Ministry is dedicated to serving the spiritual needs of Gonzaga’s students.  They also have resources & opportunities for alumni to get involved.