Spirituality, Faith & Mission

Father Steve Hess with StudentsFr. Stephen Hess, SJ serves as the alumni chaplain and is eager to work with alumni as you make meaning of the Gonzaga mission in your lives. He is committed to strengthening your connection to Gonzaga by assisting you during every season of your lives, especially in spiritual and pastoral ways. This is accomplished through masses, retreats, service experiences, spiritual programming; as well as sacraments such as marriage, baptism, and the sacrament of the sick. He is also available to assist with funerals of alumni and their loved ones.

You can learn more about the services and events related to the alumni chaplain by clicking the links on the side navigation bar. You can also contact Stephen directly with any questions or if you need assistance of any kind by calling 509-313-5688 or emailing hesss@gonzaga.edu. Gonzaga is committed to walking with you as you live the mission in your personal and professional lives so feel free to let Stephen know how we may better do this.

The online prayer community allows you to submit prayer requests to the community, which includes Zags online and on campus. You may also join the prayer community to receive weekly prayer request updates through email.

Throughout October & November we'll invite you to participate in the church’s tradition of November Remembrance by signing Gonzaga’s "Online Remembrance Book” and praying for your departed loved ones.

University Ministry is dedicated to serving the spiritual needs of Gonzaga’s students.  They also have resources & opportunities for alumni to get involved.