Alumni Scholarship Benefit 2017

June 3, 2017
5:30 p.m.
Bozarth Mansion and Retreat Center

View photos from the 2016 Benefit!

About the Alumni Scholarship Program

For 38 years Gonzaga University’s Alumni Association has been awarding scholarships to the children, grandchildren, or siblings of our alumni.  What started out as three $300 awards has become over 45 awards totaling more than $160,000 each year.  Since the scholarship began, we have given out over 1000 scholarships, totaling over $2 million.  

To be eligible for the scholarship, recipients must apply for the award and have a current FAFSA on file in the Financial Aid Office. A committee of Alumni Association board members reviews the applications, which include an essay, list of community service activities, academic achievement and financial aid. The top applicant is awarded the $15,000 Leppek Award while the next receives the $10,000 Schafer Family Award. Additional scholarships of $5,000 and $2,500 are given based upon the same criteria, until all funds are expended.

The Alumni Scholarship Benefit is one way to support the Fund.  Here are a few other ways you can help:
•    Become a lifetime or annual member of the Alumni Association.  
•    Purchase a Zag License Plate (if you live in Washington).
•    Make a donation to the Alumni Scholarship Fund.

Many thanks to our generous donors for your continued support.  It’s because of you we are able to help sustain Gonzaga’s fundamental mission of developing educated and service-minded individuals.